Maltese holiday!!


Hey guys!! I do realize I was not very active recently, but that is because I focused all my attention to my new passion, which is photography. Started attending some workshops to show you better pictures on the blog and maybe make it my career in the future. I was also on holiday and today I’m bringing you some of my thoughts regarding Malta.


Malta is an island country surrounded by Italy, Greece and Tunisia. It was a British colony once and so you will notice a lot of British influence left behind. First of all apart from the Maltese language, everyone on Malta speaks perfect English. It was so easy to travel around having everyone knowing the language you speak. The traffic is on the left side, and visiting bigger cities, you will notice that some streets look just like the ones in Notting Hill.

Unfortunately, Malta to me looked like a very damaged country. I had a feeling it was a connection of Italian and Arabic style. The buildings were all yellow and the landscape looked just like the one in Israel. A lot of buildings could be really beautiful, however they are very damaged and not being renovated, they look old and poor giving an atmosphere of a country with history.


At first we wanted to go to St Julian’s, however we checked on a map that it is further from the harbor and it is a party city. As we wanted to focus strictly on swimming, snorkeling and resting in the sun, we decided to change our reservation and go to Mellieha. It’s a small village 10 minutes from the ferry harbor. That was a perfect choice. We went there in the beginning of September, it was 30 degrees every day, a little windy but very pleasant. The fact that we went in September meant much fewer tourists and more peace which was ideal. Our hotel was called Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa and it was absolutely amazing. 3 restaurants, 3 swimming pools, our favorite being the one on the roof. It was only allowed for people above 16 years old so it was a perfect place to relax. We spent most of the time there just chilling in the sun, reading books and drinking delicious virgin mojitos. Definitely a place to recommend.

Before leaving to Malta I read about one place I really wanted to see. It was “blue lagoon”, a beach on the island of Comino. We have read different reviews on tripadvisor but decided to see it anyway. We went early in the morning to avoid the crowds, later it looked like seals spread all over the beach. Let me tell you.. it is a paradise on Earth. We were absolutely amazed, we could not believe that such a place exists in Europe.


Turquoise water, white sand, the clearest water I have ever seen. You go straight to the water from the rocks, swim to a separate small island surrounded by coral reefs. If you will go there, don’t forget the snorkeling masks and the shoes to walk on the rocks. The views are unbelievable, you are surrounded by fish in different colors. Then you cross the beach and swim inside a cave. When you swim out of it, you are in an open sea. The blue color takes your breath away.

So this is Malta, water in the sea warmer than in the pool, sun, friendly ppl, nice food. Definitely a place to see.

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